Poornima Gade

Associate, Scientific Affairs

Poornima is a molecular biologist with 13+ years of experience in product development project management, seed production, quality testing of hybrid seeds for commercial release, and germplasm maintenance. Previously she worked with E.I. DuPont India Pvt Ltd in the division of research and development to make discoveries that can help develop new products in the field of agriculture biotechnology. She currently serves as manager for the life science advisory group at Sathguru Management Consultants. She supports the development and delivery of products by the private seed industry, emphasizing scientific validation of performance, transgenic crop development strategy, and review and validation of genotypic and phenotypic results.

Poornima has a Master’s in Biotechnology from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam; a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry; and postgraduate diploma in project management.

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