Project Updates

10 June 2019: For those who wish to obtain a copy of Bt Brinjal in Bangladesh: The First Genetically Engineered Food Crop in a Developing Country article but do not have access to the Mann Library at Cornell, please visit this URL to purchase a copy.

1 May 2019: Bt Brinjal farmers of Bangladesh reaping surplus benefits from the technology

22 February 2019: US Ambassador to Bangladesh tours Bt brinjal field


Bt brinjal facts

Myth: Farmers who use Bt brinjal will end up bankrupt because the seeds cost more and they become dependent on the technology

Truth: This myth originates from accusations about Bt cotton, which has been extensively adopted by Indian farmers because of its success in resisting pest infestation and thereby delivering better harvests. The truth about the situation in India is that Bt technology has been... More