What are the long-term effects of Bt brinjal on soil?

A review of the environmental safety of Cry1Ab can be found at http://www.ilsi.org/ResearchFoundation/CERA/Publications/cry1ab_en.pdf Field trial data demonstrate that Bt brinjal event EE-1, expressing the cry1-Ac protein, does not have any significant effect on soil micro flora (both fungi and bacteria), and soil invertebrates such as earthworm, collembola and nematodes. This is in agreement with numerous published studies that have shown that B. thuringiensis and Bt proteins act specifically on target insect pests and that they do not have any deleterious effect on non-target organisms. No cry1-Ac protein was detected in any of the soil samples from Bt brinjal field plots, which demonstrates that the protein is rapidly degraded. In fact, because the cry1-Ac gene was derived from a common soil bacterium it is therefore expected that soil micro-organisms are already routinely exposed to these proteins within the natural environment.