Project Updates

14 September 2017: Bt Eggplant: A Genetically Engineered Minor Crop Comes of Age in Bangladesh and the Philippines
06 September 2017: Bangladesh Television (BTV): Meeting with Stakeholder Partners, Communication Coordination Workshop
25 August 2017: Download one page information sheet about Feed the Future South Asia Eggplant Imnprovement Partnership
22 June 2017: Video: Bt brinjal in Bangladesh: Voices from the Field
22 April 2017: Blog post: Bangladesh March for Science


Bt brinjal facts

Myth: Farmers who use Bt brinjal will end up bankrupt because the seeds cost more and they become dependent on the technology

Truth: This myth originates from accusations about Bt cotton, which has been extensively adopted by Indian farmers because of its success in resisting pest infestation and thereby delivering better harvests. The truth about the situation in India is that Bt technology has been... More