Project Updates

10 November 2016: Philippines field research shows no negative impacts Bt eggplant non-target organisms
22 September 2016: Current pesticide controls
21 August 2016: GM crop cultivation to continue: Matia
26 July 2016: Philippines Supreme Court reverses GMO ruling
30 June 2016: Bt eggplant close to 100% effective in controlling pests, shows new paper
07 June 2016: Bt brinjal farmers in Bangladesh in their own words, a video from the Alliance for Science

Bt brinjal facts

Myth: Because Bt brinjal is genetically modified means that more chemicals are used and promotes monoculture cropping

Truth: The association of GMOs with chemical monoculture derives from a misunderstanding about herbicide-tolerant crops widely used in North and South America. Bt brinjal is genetically engineered to avoid the use of insecticides, not to encourage it. It is not ‘resistant to... More