Project Updates

10 June 2019: For those who wish to obtain a copy of Bt Brinjal in Bangladesh: The First Genetically Engineered Food Crop in a Developing Country article but do not have access to the Mann Library at Cornell, please visit this URL to purchase a copy.

1 May 2019: Bt Brinjal farmers of Bangladesh reaping surplus benefits from the technology

22 February 2019: US Ambassador to Bangladesh tours Bt brinjal field


Bt brinjal facts

Is there any difference between Bt brinjal and conventional brinjal in nutritional quality?

Bt brinjal looks and has the same nutrient composition as the conventional brinjal except for the additional Bt protein that renders it resistant to the fruit and shoot borer. It retains the same nutritional value as non-Bt brinjal and feeding tests with different animal groups that included... More