Project Updates

28 February 2018: Blog post Stewardship efforts through capacity building
19 December 2017: Blog post:Policy support, effective stewardship and communication are essential for adopting of agricultural biotechnologies in developing countries
06 November 2017: Blog post Experts emphasize stewardship
14 September 2017: Bt Eggplant: A Genetically Engineered Minor Crop Comes of Age in Bangladesh and the Philippines
06 September 2017: Bangladesh Television (BTV): Meeting with Stakeholder Partners, Communication Coordination Workshop

Bt brinjal facts

Myth: Farmers saving their own Bt brinjal seeds will be sued for patent infringement

Truth: No farmer will ever be sued for saving and replanting Bt brinjal seeds. Bt brinjal has been developed in the public sector and will be distributed non-commercially. There are no technology fees or royalties payable on Bt brinjal by any farmer in Bangladesh because the... More