Project Updates

10 November 2016: Philippines field research shows no negative impacts Bt eggplant non-target organisms
22 September 2016: Current pesticide controls
21 August 2016: GM crop cultivation to continue: Matia
26 July 2016: Philippines Supreme Court reverses GMO ruling
30 June 2016: Bt eggplant close to 100% effective in controlling pests, shows new paper
07 June 2016: Bt brinjal farmers in Bangladesh in their own words, a video from the Alliance for Science

Bt brinjal facts

How does Bt technology differ from conventional insecticides in controlling pests?

Conventional insecticides are generally sprayed on the crops to destroy pests. The shortfalls in this system are many. Insecticidal sprays are effective only during a brief window between the hatching of larvae and its penetration into the fruit and shoot of the plant. Once the larva bores... More