Economic and social value of Bt plants

Socio-economic Peformance of Bt Eggplant Cultivation in Bangladesh

A study was conducted in 35 districts of Bangladesh during 2016-17 winter season for assessing the farm level performance of Bt eggplant in reducing
pesticide use, cultivation cost and increase farm income. Five hundred five Bt eggplant farmers were selected purposively and 350 non-Bt eggplant farmers
were selected randomly for the study. Net returns per hectare were Tk. 179,602/ha for Bt eggplant as compared to Tk. 29,841/ha for non-Bt eggplant.

A Meta-Analysis of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops

Despite the rapid adoption of genetically modified (GM) crops by farmers in many countries, controversies about this technology continue. Uncertainty about GM crop impacts is one reason for widespread public suspicion.