Myth: Bt brinjal will produce sterile seeds, forcing farmers to go back to seed companies each year

Truth: The myth that GMO crops utilize so-called ‘terminator technology’ is unfortunately still promoted by anti-GMO activists, despite being entirely untrue. Although proposed nearly 20 years ago, so-called ‘terminator’ seeds have never been developed and do not currently exist. Seeds from Bt brinjal open-pollinated varieties will be free for farmers to save and replant as they wish. There is also often confusion between hybrid crops and GMOs. Hybrids do not breed true, and farmers do indeed have to purchase new hybrid seeds each season. They do so because hybrids (which are crosses between two different but related parent varieties) typically produce stronger plants and greater yields. Genetically improved crops, on the other hand, will reproduce their genetic characteristics in future generations — unless they are also hybrids.