Does Bt gene affect non-target organisms?

A review of the environmental safety of Cry1Ab can be found at The cry1-Ac protein is highly specific to caterpillar pests and does not adversely affect non-target organisms (invertebrates and vertebrates including birds, mammals and human), because they do not have the requisite receptor proteins found in the mid-gut of target insects. The protocol adopted for testing Bt brinjal specifically aimed to assess the effect of Bt brinjal on non-target pests (sucking pests and secondary caterpillars) and beneficial insects on brinjal. Non-target insect pests include leaf roller Epilachna beetle, grey weevil, root grub, and sucking pests, leafhoppers, thrips, whiteflies and mites. The vast data collected over many years of field trials conducted at various locations showed that non-target sucking pest counts did not vary significantly among Bt and non-Bt brinjal plants.