Is Bt brinjal safe to eat?

The experience of millions of consumers of Bt products for nearly 20 years and the use of Bt as a biopesticide for more than 80 years indicates an excellent track record of safety to humans and the environment. Scientists have conducted rigorous tests as per the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies to ensure that Bt brinjal is safe for human consumption.

  • Nutritional content: Bt brinjal is compositionally identical to conventional brinjal except for the additional Bt protein. It therefore has the same nutritional value as non-Bt brinjal.
  • Toxicity: Bt brinjal has been tested on a number of different animal groups to show that it is not toxic to any group. These include, but are not limited to, fish, chicken, rabbit, goat, rats and buffalo. These studies have confirmed the long history of food safety of the cry1-Ac protein to animals and humans.
  • Allergenicity: The Bt brinjal has been tested to ascertain that it contains no new allergenic compounds and it is found to be non-allergenic.